Apiwe Bubu

For the longest time….since I’ve known,I’ve had great interest in music, music performance and making. As a South African native, rhythms, song and dance have been a part of my dna, upbringing and nature. From having studied piano in high school and learning the fundamentals of music to finding a passion and interest in spinning some of the most popular and dance worthy tunes in college as a dj, I always ventured further and deeper in the soul of music. Having gone on to study Music Production and Engineering at the Berklee College of Music I’ve only further solidified my deep relationship with music and my understanding on the way it impacts people and a dance floor.

Dj’ing has always been my outlet, a place to share the joy of music and play in agreement with the crowd as we both go on a journey of sounds and moods, from top 40 hits of the current moment to soft serving chillers, oldies, classics to dance tapping hip hip and everything in-between. All this music has become a part of who I am as an international who’s lived in South Africa, Spain and now the United States. I am informed by all these cultural colors, languages and sounds. I aim to bring the best of what is available for the audience in front of me.

As an MC and multi-lingual person(English, Spanish, Dutch, Xhosa), I am very comfortable and at ease with reading the room, lifting the energy and directing it to a place where everyone enjoys themselves. As a peoples person, I enjoy the job and task of being one of the sources and points of central focus and speech during occasion for the purposes of unifying everyone under the occasion. As a natural orator, it brings me joy to be a bridge between guests, hosts and event.