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Jimmy Koh a.k.a JK

Jimmy Koh is a founder of JK Wedding Events. He was born in Korea, and immigrated to Irvine, California when he was a 16 years old. A learning a different language and life style was uneasy for him. However, his passion & enthusiasm made everything possible. He loved to listen & sing many different songs. A Playing sports and learning music was only his hobby back in days. Since his high school year, he has been participating in various music contests without fail, until his last year of university life. Although his successful deal with a well-known Entertainment in Korea, he decided to stay in state because he had a strong passion in this country. After all that he’s been through, he is now one of the top singing MC in California. He speaks bilingual languages fluently, he sings phenomenally, he conducts games funnily, and he dresses up stylishly.

To be at the center of attention, and bring fun and laughter to the audience has always been his dream. If you have ever seen him at any wedding, you will agree that he is confident to handle a multicultural crowd and his live performance resonate a “Wow” experience to everyone attending the wedding. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wedding and entertainment industry, skilled wedding entertainment professional, but most importantly Wedding Singer/MC Jimmy and Wedding DJ are 100% committed to providing excellent customer support, outstanding service and of course truly unforgettable moments.